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The Frungy Championships
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29th-Jul-2013 05:00 am - Stardock aquiring Star Control rights
Greetings all!
Just in case you missed it, Stardock is getting the SC copyrights from Atari, with intention of making a new SC game!
They are in contacts with Paul and Fred already. Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock has even posted on SCDB.
Hopefully the long wait for SC is soon to be over.
20th-May-2013 05:24 pm(no subject)
Here have an Utwig!

Under hereCollapse )
21st-Mar-2013 11:11 pm - after all these years

forget about all the troubled times
I MEAN HI THERE wow it's been forever. How you guys been?

A while ago Zarla coloured the comic she did with VIJ and Molly in it and my love for them returned and smacked me in the face. So I've been drawing them a bit.

~Bonus!ZEX welcomes you to look under the cut~

no adopted alien daughter of mine is going to be an insatiable sexual dynamo!Collapse )

[sc2] Captain, Sa-Matra's Destruction
The thing I am doing is a silly little forum adventure! It is dumb, and has sub-par art:

but hopefully will be worth checkin' out, especially since the participants have selected someone obsessed with Frungy to be the player character. C:
[sc2] spathicaptain
Sup sup sup! Man, I haven't posted here in ages-- partially because I've mostly left LJ behind in favor of DW-- but I could never stay away forever. And speaking of things I can't stay away from, I have done some art of Spathi and VUX! Just a little, but I'm pretty pleased with it. C:

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11th-Mar-2012 01:53 am(no subject)
Hey guys! Just wanted to make a quick note here that for some people, their posts were going into a moderated queue because LJ set some settings and then didn't tell me about them. Which is great, thanks LJ. BUT I changed the setting back so you can post all you want again and it should go through!

More on-topic, while looking for DOS game MIDI rippers to try and get the midis out of Rings of the Magi (I still haven't found one rrrrrghhh), I happened to come across a midi collection for Star Control 3! Who even cares you might be saying to yourself, and you'd be right because most of the music in SC3 sucked. BUT STILL the old XMIs I got from PNF way back when never worked for me and I couldn't find any other versions of the music until now! It's entirely possible I was looking in the wrong places, who knows. But if you ever wanted midis of the SC3 music to, I don't know, remix or laugh at or something, I got them from here. Enjoy!

Oh and I since I guess I didn't post this here before (??) have a Chenjesu!

bzz bzz
18th-Jun-2011 10:04 pm - Wolfenstein castle. With Spathi
Couple of days ago it was a slow day at work, so I got bored and drew this.
It should have been "floor" instead of "level", but I forgot, haven't played Wolf3D for quite some time...
Here it isCollapse )

here have a picture i did for the PNF per luki's request. IT IS DISCO-TASTIC

colorssssCollapse )

15th-May-2011 02:45 am(no subject)
Just two days ago I was talking about lack of ZFP in this community, and look what I have found :)
Something actually containing the ZFP!Collapse )
11th-May-2011 11:49 pm - Frungylovers
For a community named "Frungylovers" there is very little Frungy, or ZFP related anything...
9th-Apr-2011 01:24 am - New Mafia game over on the Scdb
Last year we played a rousing game of SC themed Mafia over on the SCDB, merrily slaying suspected hierarchy infiltrators. We even had a participant from here, so we're hoping for the same good luck again! This year, the Alliance is doing the infiltrating. Do you have what it takes to find the spies or slay the oppressors? In Death 999's own words:

You are a hierarchy fleet stationed near a defense station. This is no mere common starbase; it is a fortress with a main weapon capable of destroying any vessel weaker than a dreadnaught. It was placed to protect an integrated construction and development facility operating in a planetary system. This is the facility in which the Ilwrath cloak was transferred to a ship the Ilwrath were capable of building, for example, and it can be expected that more improvements to hierarchy ships will be made. The AFS has attempted assault -going far around the battle line with a sneak attack -and failed. But now they are resorting to subterfuge. By the time play begins, they will have killed the master in charge of the fleet and faded into the shadows. Each of you will play a specific character of a known race, commanding a known ship. Some of you, however, will be under the mind control of Syreen. This will allow more coherent roleplaying, and the defense station provides a mechanism for the lynching. Therefore, I expect that this scenario maintain coherence to the end, unlike the previous which collapsed into a degree of absurdity toward the end. Once we have a roster of players, I will describe the fleet and secretly select the syreen players. Then they will choose which ships to infiltrate, and then other characters will be assigned randomly. For ease, the characters' names will be set to your screennames. With sufficient signups, I expect we can start as soon as three weeks. The participation requirement will be modest, with a day/night cycle of five days.

1st-Apr-2011 06:48 pm(no subject)
Aprils fools...

I haven't drawn the ears on the Arilou to make it bit creepier.

10th-Mar-2011 05:13 am - Chieffo
For some weird reason I did not post this pic here earlier...

You all know the Spathi.
This one is pretending to be character named "Chief" from very popular web comic "Goblins"
Reference pics
here and here

10th-Mar-2011 02:18 am(no subject)
We love you <3
so i sat down today and said to myself, "hayley, you are going to draw some vux"

and so i didCollapse )
16th-Dec-2010 12:58 am(no subject)
[sc2/Zar] xeno <3
Two more bits of sexy alien pinup art for you guys. <3 Happy holidays!
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15th-Dec-2010 08:38 am - Christmas
Hey guys. It's Christmas again. Last year Zarla helped us out, this year I'm pleased to say that Saria is bringing us holiday cheer. Check out PNF frontpage for a new does of Christmas cheer every day up until the 23rd. What happens on the 24th? You'll just have to wait and see.

Also, you can guest post on our news board so if you want to comment with everyone else you're welcome. Or here. Or PM Saria. Whatever suits you best.
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